AnaTango Announces the Latest Release of Anavation

SAN RAMON, CA - May 18, 2010

AnaTango ( announces the latest release of Anavation, its core business suite of management applications.

In making the announcement AnaTango CEO Michael Saddik said, “Anavation is a global application that can be accessed reliably from virtually anywhere. It is uniquely designed to be scalable to work for single location small businesses, multinational businesses, as well as large multi-company organizations.”

Anavation is a cloud-based integrated suite of management applications. Though it traces its roots to a very successful business application suite, Anavation was redesigned from the ground up as a browser-based application that will run on practically any Java-enabled browser.

The applications are guided by and incorporate the latest management methods. Anavation’s uniqueness is in recognizing that the key to successful operations and strategic management is about innovation being tightly intertwined with sound management methods.

Realizing that there is no cookie cutter approach to management, the core of Anavation’s design affords its users to utilize sound management methods, tools, and techniques without stifling their innovative approaches to business.

Anavation’s Operation Management centerpiece allows its users to create, maintain, and manage their projects, tasks, events, and action items. Other features include but are not limited to: CRM, List Management, Knowledge-base Management, Record & Archive Management, Risk Management, Product Issue Management, and Marketing Campaign Management.

Executives, Six Sigma black belts, and strategic planners will see Anavation’s Strategic Management components as natural extensions and enhancers to their method of thinking. With its leading edge relational project module, Anavation allows its users to construct as simple or as complex a business management strategy as their needs dictate. Aspects of Operation Management can be linked to the Strategic Management Model for live modeling.

Anavation is built with a high degree of customization aimed at tailoring the application to each user’s specific needs. Along with AnaTango’s signature custom labeling, users will enjoy an unrivaled document attachment and retrieval system at every level of the application.

About AnaTango

AnaTango ( offers software and IT solutions through vertically-specific and targeted options. The company leverages Cloud Technology, allowing businesses to securely operate from anywhere, at any time. Unlike other software/server-based system providers, AnaTango’s scalable, internet-based solutions provide an immediate return on investment for companies by avoiding expensive server system installations and on-site IT department costs.  The company is based in San Ramon, California.

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