AnaTango® University

What’s the best way to succeed as a growing business?

We answer these questions with our comprehensive training and consulting programs. The curriculum of AnaTango® University’s curriculum is designed around your company’s specific needs, so you can create competitive advantages that won’t be found anywhere else.

AnaTango® University welcomes progressive, innovative business leaders in the technology space and beyond. If you are looking to provide your business with the most advanced and proven business solutions and to apply timeless success principles to your work, then you’ve come to the right place. A series of curriculums emphasizing Improvement Initiatives will position you to become a market-dominating leader.

AnaTango® University trainings are designed for busy, full-time professionals. Our trainings are completed in-house (your house!) and can be scheduled during hours that will not impact your company’s regular operations. Our education is firmly rooted in a pure lineage of The Motorola Six Sigma Academy, Lean Enterprise Institute (L.E.I.), Manufacturing Management and Technology Institute (M.M.T.I), Sigma Pro Inc. (Motorola Six Sigma original Developer), The Deming Institute, The Toyota Production System, Lean Start-up, and Shingijutsu. Using implementations and case studies, the curriculum keeps you up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and implementation best practices, to gain and maintain competitive advantage in your industry.

AnaTango® University Course Offerings

  • Organizational Change – Development, Management, and Implementation
  • How to Become a Change Management Leadership Team
  • Lean Black Belt Training
  • Lean Green Belt Training
  • Lean Yellow Belt Training
  • Operational Excellent Training
  • Executive Leadership Lean/Six Sigma Training
  • Lean Management Training
  • Lean Sigma Champion Instruction
  • Lean Sigma Awareness Training for your Organization
  • Project Management Instruction
  • Process Management Training
  • Executive Leadership Time Management
  • Executive Leadership Stress Management
  • Executive Leadership creating a Competitive Advantage
  • Executive Leadership Strategy Creation and Deployment

…additional courses can be added or designed upon request.