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Beyond ERP: AnaTango’s New Technology Rises

Feb 20, 2012

Its the end of ERP as we know it and cloud-based business services companies feel just fine.  But what’s behind this new way of business sea change that has some referring to the shift as a ‘mass extinction event’ in …

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Rob’s Bold and Not-As-Bold Predictions for 2012 in Tech

Jan 2, 2012

Top 10 predictions for 2012. My forecasting skills are probably more finely tuned to weather patterns and producing daily forecasts.  But as real fan and active participant in the development of some of today’s technology and software designs there does …

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No Longer In The “Minority”: Gesture Technology Comes of Age

Nov 3, 2011

  If there was one of the coolest tech moments seen in movies, Minority Report certainly had it.   [youtube]   At the time, it seemed more Hollywood movie magic than short-term reality.  From the reactive mood lighting matched …

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More and More Businesses Want iPads

Dec 16, 2010

via,, Analyst: ‘Corporate Explosion’ of iPad Interest Share Comment » By Ed Sutherland (6:33 am, Dec. 16, 2010) The iPad is rocking the corporate world. So much so, one analyst describes pent-up demand for tablets in the …

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Top News of 2011 Preview: Google’s Chrome OS Debuts

Nov 26, 2010

We feel one of the biggest tech stories of the New Year will be watching Google’s Chrome OS infiltrate the Windows/MacOS masses. Like its Android vs. the iPhone platform, look for rapid adoption of Chrome via many third-party hardware vendors …

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Apple iOS 4.2 Update: Mobile Business Upgraded

Nov 22, 2010

Apple’s new mobile iOS looks more like Apple’s primary OS of the future. by Rob Mayeda Apple will be releasing the next generation of their mobile iOS 4.2 today with plenty of  upgrades that look to further position the iPad/iPhone …

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