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Google’s Cloud-Powered Bookstore Debuts

Dec 6, 2010

Via Google eBooks: E-Reading Takes To The Cloud Devin Coldewey12 minutes ago Google today unveiled its long-rumored entry into the e-book sales world, not called Google Editions, as was previously speculated, but a more anonymous-sounding Google eBooks. The basic idea is …

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Groupon Moves On From Google

Dec 4, 2010

Sources: Groupon rejects Google’s offer; will stay independent Posted yesterday at 6:04 p.m. Groupon CEO Andrew Mason speaks at the company’s headquarters on Aug. 31, 2010. (Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune) By Melissa Harris and Wailin Wong The deal didn’t tip after …

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Top News of 2011 Preview: Google’s Chrome OS Debuts

Nov 26, 2010

We feel one of the biggest tech stories of the New Year will be watching Google’s Chrome OS infiltrate the Windows/MacOS masses. Like its Android vs. the iPhone platform, look for rapid adoption of Chrome via many third-party hardware vendors …

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“Thunder” Cloud: Salesforce (CRM) Stock Hits New High

Nov 19, 2010

Shares of Inc. soared to a record high on Friday after the business software company reported stronger-than-expected results for the latest quarter and said it expects to reap $2 billion in revenue in fiscal 2012. Salesforce was among the …

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