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“Ninja Class Mobile Workforce”

Nov 1, 2011

by AnaTango IT and security administrators constantly struggle to protect “data at the edge”-data carried by mobile employees on laptops and mobile phones.  Every security policy struggles with juggling the need to provide access and capabilities to these mobile professionals …

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How Amazon Uses its Cloud to Turbocharge the Browser

Sep 30, 2011

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the web company’s first tablet. While it may run Android 2.3 on hardware not dissimilar to that of the PlayBook it has a completely different feel and feature set compared to any of RIM or Google …

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“No pointing fingers for cloud security”

Sep 7, 2011

Analysis: Understanding who needs to do what can sometimes be tricky. Over the last two decades, the now-famous 1993 New Yorker cartoon showing two canines in front of a PC with one saying to the other, “On the internet, nobody …

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