Cloud Computing: Growth and Investment Opportunities Accelerate

April 9, 2012

While the rest of the world is mired in a slow-motion economic recovery, the prospects for cloud computing growth continue to shine.  In fact cloud computing businesses are enjoying life on a relative island of business opportunity and prosperity, revenue numbers confirmed by the latest industry research.

A new report by Gartner Research not only confirms what we’ve seen in terms of interest at AnaTango for our company’s Cloud Business Management Suite of services including Anavation and Anavoy, but shows that business is likely to remain very strong for the near future.

For 2011 into 2012, cloud computing (SaaS) companies revenues are set to climb from $12.3 billion to $14.4 billion dollars worldwide, a roughly 17%+ increase year to year.  From 2012 to 2015, Gartner forecasts an additional 53%+ growth(!) from 2012 to 2015 as cloud services adoption accelerates.

These numbers reflect what Gartner Research Director Sharon Mertz sees as a worldwide increasing familiarity with cloud computing as a complete business management model.

“After more than a decade of use, adoption of SaaS continues to grow and evolve regionally within the enterprise application markets.  Increasing familiarity with the SaaS model, continued oversight on IT budgets, the growth of platform-as-a service (PaaS) developer communities and interest in cloud computing are now driving adoption forward,” Mertz said in a statement.

Gartner defined SaaS as primarily a delivery and management approach for software such as CRM or ERP. Among the top CRM and ERP vendors are Oracle (NSDQ:ORCL), SAP (NYSE:SAP),, and Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT).  Oracle and SAP have been on a recent run of merger and acquisition activity in the space as well with multiple purchases in the cloud computing space with the last year.  Even companies tied to computer hardware like Dell are getting into the mix with the recent acquisition of Silicon Valley based Wyse, known for its cloud client computing services of scalable remote device management for enterprise.

Industry experts anticipate more M&A activity in the space as larger providers like Oracle and SAP acquire ‘specialty’ companies with niche business intelligence/management software to fill in the gaps of the parent company portfolio.

Given the return rates of savings accounts, long term CDs, bonds and unpredictable nature of the the stock market, it makes more sense that angel and venture capital investors are keeping their ‘heads in the cloud(s)’ as a means of investment strategy as more businesses adapt and utilize cloud-based services.

AnaTango’s Chief Marketing Officer Rob Mayeda brings nearly 17 years of broadcast news/media experience to AnaTango and is a multiple Emmy-winning meteorologist and multimedia producer.  Rob is a self-described technology ‘geek’ constantly researching and testing new software and hardware designs.  Rob also leads the user-interface design and implementation for AnaTango’s Cloud Business Management Suite under AnaTango Cloud.  We trust Rob’s cloud observations in the natural world as well, you may not know Rob is also an AMS-certified broadcast meteorologist.  Contact Rob @