AnaTango Enterprise

For Smarter Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Customized business operations software
  • Flexible planning tools
  • Powered by AMI
  • Adapts to your way of doing business
  • Interdepartmental sharing
  • Culture-sensitive software
  • Quick setup & deployment
  • Cost-efficient installation and maintenance


All software is not created equally. We customize your AnaTango® Enterprise system to adapt directly to your management needs. Taking into account your business style, processes, and organizational culture, we create the Enterprise setup that will best support your goals. If something can be modeled, we can adapt the flexible Enterprise tools to meet your team’s needs, culture and working styles to a T.


In the business world, it all comes down to ROI. AnaTango® Enterprise has been designed around modern business needs for cost-efficient business software. You’ll find AnaTango® Enterprise has significantly lower initial cost than other ERP options, and reduces maintenance costs considerably. With quick deployment, we have you up and running in no time, so you can begin to gain the benefits of using business management software that does the heavy lifting for you.

AnaTango® Enterprise can typically be implemented in less than a third of the time it takes to complete an ERP implementation. We believe your software should help your business grow independently, so we put you at the wheel. Its menu-driven, customizable features reduce your reliance upon additional development staff down the line.

Adaptive Management Infrastructure (AMI)

AnaTango® Enterprise uses Adaptive Management Infrastructure (AMI) to deliver more aggressive, high performance business software. AMI departs from the traditionally rigid model in which ERP systems typically segregate Financials, HR, CRM, Decision Support, Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehouse Management. Instead, AMI takes a functionality-balanced™ approach, so business functions are not restrained by a software-imposed “box”.

Does an invoice belong in the financials, CRM, order entry or supply chain systems? The answer will depend on who you ask, but the question highlights the problem. If a sales invoice may belong to more than one “area” of a software application, then why not share it between those areas?

Typical ERP implementations require a business to restructure its processes to fit the software model. At best, this integration model makes most ERP interfaces confusing to users. At worst – the interface may be unusable and make things more complicated than helpful for the business.

AMI’s functionality-balanced™ approach customizes and calibrates the necessary levels of integration across the application, while providing an intuitive user interface that allows the organization to focus on conducting its business. All of AMI’s components are designed to integrate with one another, allowing maximum flexibility and organizational visibility with shorter implementation cycles and lower costs.


AnaTango® Enterprise is custom business performance software. There’s no substitute for seeing it with your own eyes! We’d be happy to arrange a demonstration for you – just ask!