AnaTango’s Start Up Success Featured in OCTalkRadio Interview With CEO Michael Saddik

LAGUNA BEACH, CA - February 8, 2012

AnaTango CEO Michael Saddik joined Pilgrim on the 405 Talk Show Host Will Crist for a live radio broadcast focusing on trailblazers of today’s new business technologies.

“What we did with our product was to say companies need to speak a common language,” Saddik explained.  “This is across all departments, and more importantly than just the common language they need to have visible accountability…that’s what our software gives you is that visible accountability.”

Crist describes Pilgrim on the 405 as an internet-based radio broadcast that focuses on the ‘road warriors’ who are utilizing and developing new technologies to enhance sales reach and potential.

When asked by Crist how AnaTango solves problems facing today’s businesses, Saddik discussed AnaTango’s ‘business diamond’ of integrated services which can be customized to the needs of any business.  This includes an array of services from cloud-based software managing all aspects of business management, IT and voice/data connectivity down to corporate identity/marketing needs including complete social media integration.

Saddik emphasized AnaTango’s strength in helping businesses navigate a challenging economy and problems generating revenue.

“What helps us on the software side is we help (businesses) with their strategy deployment planning,” Saddik said.  AnaTango represents a more comprehensive and cost effective solution to today’s businesses relying on outside consultants charging four to five figure fees for single project work.

“Where we come in with both our software and management team experience is we say listen if you need someone to help you put together a plan…you can get our people to come in, sit with you, find out where you are trying to go, what you are trying to do and then our experts will help you come up with that plan and strategy, then our software will help you keep following along the way.”

Saddik explained that as businesses realize the immediate return on investment value of the strategy deployment plan, most end up adding AnaTango’s management software to manage and maintain those gains.

Thinking forward to future business needs, Saddik says AnaTango has expansion and mobility in mind.

“We’ve built a platform, where we can build apps for other companies including mobile apps,” Saddik said.  This includes new products in the AnaTango Cloud pipeline that will further expand the cloud-based business management suite.

AnaTango’s rapid expansion of cloud-based services has already caught the eye of venture capital investors, something Saddik says his company is willing to consider down the road.

“The opportunity is out there, I’ve seen a lot of it myself personally.  And I’ve seen if you’ve done your homework, the right preparation and you’ve surrounded yourself with the right team people do want to talk to you, people do want to invest in you, people do want to know more,” Saddik said.

AnaTango’s story was one that certainly seemed to impress the radio talk show host.

“What a fascinating tale in this market economy where venture capitalists have hidden the key to their pocketbook, deeply in their hip pocket.  Going out and starting a venture and expecting that you are having the intention that you are going to have a 100 million dollar company in five years.  That’s wonderful I mean just to be around people like that is exciting to me interesting, encouraging and inspiring,” Crist said.

Crist wrapped up the interview saying, “If you have a business and you’re looking to integrate various parts of that business so you can have accountability, you can have clean reporting and you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg give Michael a call.”

Pilgrim Talks: Pilgrim on the 405 is a internet-based radio show hosted by Will Crist which broadcasts live on OC Talk Radio from Orange County California at 5 p.m. PST.  For those living outside of Orange County, California you can also listen to the live broadcast by visiting OC Talk Radio and clicking on the ‘Listen Live / On Air’ banner. You can also subscribe to the show with iTunes and access previous shows as podcasts.

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