AnaTango Launches Cloud Software Solution to Apparel Manufacturers at MAGIC

LAS VEGAS, NV - August 22, 2012

AnaTango today announced AnaTango Enterprise, a flexible, cost-effective Cloud-based software solution for small to medium enterprise (SME) customers. The company has also already announced its first customer install at Voom, a fast-growing apparel manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California.

The subscription-based software model AnaTango offers is in great demand in corporate America. In its 2011 study entitled “ROI of Cloud Apps”*, Forrester Research reported that over half the firms surveyed “plan to increase spending on software-as-a-service”. AnaTango Enterprise provides ‘run your business’ functionality for companies such as Voom, but without requiring them to install expensive servers and networking equipment, making the software an attractive choice for entities of all sizes.

AnaTango’s CEO, Michael Saddik, says “AnaTango Enterprise, based on our ground-breaking

Adaptive Management Infrastructure gives companies like Voom the ability to focus on customers, sales and profitability, with enterprise-class software previously only available to much larger companies. We are thrilled to be able to announce today the first customer implementation of our product, and also demonstrate the software for other apparel manufacturers here at the Magic tradeshow.”

AnaTango Enterprise provides broad business functionality which clients like Voom can use to bring immediate return on their investment. The software includes full Inventory and Customer Management, Purchase Order creation and management as well as Invoicing, and additional features including Barcode Scanning, comprehensive Reporting, and Management Dashboards that allow business owners to make smart business decisions and save money on expensive IT infrastructure.

Based in the California Market Center (CMC) in downtown Los Angeles, Voom is a fast-growing women’s fashion designer with hundreds of customers in the United States and overseas. Prior to this implementation, the company had been using a PC-based spreadsheet program and was managing its business without the benefit of a single, database-oriented, cloud solution such as AnaTango Business.

James Kim of Voom cites AnaTango’s quick implementation and dedication to client software customization and satisfaction as key factors in selecting the software. “We needed to move our business forward, and a software solution like AnaTango Enterprise was the right choice” said Kim. “AnaTango delivered software molded around our business needs and engineered to help us run our business more efficiently. With AnaTango, we found software we could rely on and afford – a first for smaller growing businesses like our own.”

About AnaTango

AnaTango ( offers software and IT solutions through vertically-specific and targeted options. AnaTango’s range of solutions gives the company the unique ability to cater to smaller organizations as well as large multinational corporations looking to benefit in a recovering global economy. The company is based in Laguna Beach, California.

*”The ROI of Cloud Apps”, 2011, Forrester Research
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