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Tomorrow’s Business Forecast: Mostly “Cloud-y” Skies

Jun 27, 2012

Tomorrow’s forecast for the future in business is still looking…  mostly cloudy. In an article written by The Street’s Dana Blankenhorn, an eloquent summary of timeline events is shown, leading to today’s anywhere, anytime business. Blankenhorn writes, “There’s a great …

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Beyond ERP: AnaTango’s New Technology Rises

Feb 20, 2012

Its the end of ERP as we know it and cloud-based business services companies feel just fine.  But what’s behind this new way of business sea change that has some referring to the shift as a ‘mass extinction event’ in …

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Rob’s Bold and Not-As-Bold Predictions for 2012 in Tech

Jan 2, 2012

Top 10 predictions for 2012. My forecasting skills are probably more finely tuned to weather patterns and producing daily forecasts.  But as real fan and active participant in the development of some of today’s technology and software designs there does …

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Groupon Moves On From Google

Dec 4, 2010

Sources: Groupon rejects Google’s offer; will stay independent Posted yesterday at 6:04 p.m. Groupon CEO Andrew Mason speaks at the company’s headquarters on Aug. 31, 2010. (Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune) By Melissa Harris and Wailin Wong The deal didn’t tip after …

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How To Raise 4 Billion Dollars in 140 letters or less

Dec 1, 2010

Via Techcrunch Bidding War For Twitter Raises Valuation To Nearly $4 Billion. Kleiner Perkins Currently In Pole Position by Michael Arrington Two weeks ago we reported that Twitter was mulling over raising a big new round of financing and the expected …

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Green Tech: Billion Dollar IPOs Soon?

Nov 30, 2010

Via TECHCRUNCH by Sarah Lacy John Doerr: “Bigger than Billion-Dollar Greentech IPOs in 18 Months” Sarah Lacy 11 hours ago In the peak of the Internet bubble, a company’s valuation– and press attention– would soar simply by whispering the words “John …

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“Thunder” Cloud: Salesforce (CRM) Stock Hits New High

Nov 19, 2010

Shares of Inc. soared to a record high on Friday after the business software company reported stronger-than-expected results for the latest quarter and said it expects to reap $2 billion in revenue in fiscal 2012. Salesforce was among the …

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Toyota By Tesla Debuts in L.A.

Nov 18, 2010

By Mark Kleis, Toyota took advantage of its recently-forged relationship with EV sports car manufacturer Tesla by introducing an electric RAV4 today at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The RAV4 EV concept – as it’s currently being billed – …

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