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Carbon Fiber to House Next Gen iPhones/iPads?

Nov 18, 2010

Stronger than plastic, less fragile than glass it seems Apple may be leaning towards a carbon fiber approach as the housing for its next generation mobile computing devices. AppleInsider reports on this possibility with these patent filings. Carbon fiber could …

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Web Browsing Speed Test: Playbook Beats iPad

Nov 17, 2010

RIM demonstrates PlayBook with faster Web browsing than Apple’s iPad @ Apple Insider By Katie Marsal Published: 04:40 PM EST Research in Motion has offered a hands-on glimpse at its forthcoming 7-inch touchscreen tablet, the PlayBook, in a new video that shows …

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Apple makes iTunes “Come Together”

Nov 16, 2010

Apple’s big ‘announcement’ teased on their homepage was revealed to be – all about The Beatles. On face value gaining the rights to a library of incredible music of an equally incredible band would be an accomplishment for any music …

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Facebook Redefines “Social Messaging” via Email

Nov 15, 2010

Facebook’s big announcement was revealed as a expansive ramp up to its chat/email services, known collectively as “social messaging”. With millions and millions of daily users served, Facebook gains the unique advantage to instantly capture one of the largest email …

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