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“Ninja Class Mobile Workforce”

Nov 1, 2011

by AnaTango IT and security administrators constantly struggle to protect “data at the edge”-data carried by mobile employees on laptops and mobile phones.  Every security policy struggles with juggling the need to provide access and capabilities to these mobile professionals …

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Remembering Apple co-founder Steve Jobs

Oct 6, 2011

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dead at 56 Apple co-founder and Chairman Steve Jobs died today. He was 56. Jobs had been suffering from various health issues following the seven-year anniversary of his surgery for a rare form of pancreatic cancer …

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How Amazon Uses its Cloud to Turbocharge the Browser

Sep 30, 2011

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the web company’s first tablet. While it may run Android 2.3 on hardware not dissimilar to that of the PlayBook it has a completely different feel and feature set compared to any of RIM or Google …

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Are Sunny Days Possible in the Cloud?

Sep 23, 2011

Do you remember not too long ago hopping into your car, driving, across town (when gas was $1- something) to your local retail store and searching the computer department to purchase a cereal box that contained between 2- 8 3.5” …

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Cloud Computing Tips for Small Business

Sep 20, 2011

Cloud computing technology offers both time- and money-saving benefits, which makes it a great fit for small business. As cloud computing benefits become more tangible, more small businesses are moving to the cloud. Still, as with any technology, you don’t …

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“Platform to success: get on top of cloud computing”

Sep 9, 2011

Cloud computing discussions invariably begin with the “IPS” taxonomy: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service. This taxonomy has the virtue of being comprehensible and neatly partitioning assessment requirements: Want an application? Look to …

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“No pointing fingers for cloud security”

Sep 7, 2011

Analysis: Understanding who needs to do what can sometimes be tricky. Over the last two decades, the now-famous 1993 New Yorker cartoon showing two canines in front of a PC with one saying to the other, “On the internet, nobody …

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“Cloud Computing: CNBC Explains”

Sep 3, 2011

To hear the experts tell it, cloud computing may be the most innovative technology development in decades, or should be dismissed as a marketing tool for existing know-how that’s as old as computers themselves. We can’t settle the debate on …

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