Letter from the CEO

It is my pleasure to welcome you to AnaTango®!

Michael Saddik, MBA, CEO

Michael Saddik, MBA, CEO

Our story began as a group of close friends who shared a dream of designing breakthrough technology for today’s businesses. We wanted to create a business that could service the client, the client’s employees (an often overlooked population!), and the communities in which we live.

Our professional expertise was in business and IT/software; the foundational team of software engineers, MBAs, and technology executives worked together to create revolutionary software that delivered on the dream. We knew we could provide an outstanding service to clients and employees, by providing an answer to the biggest problem in IT and business management solutions today.

Whether you’re a massive corporation or a small business starting up, there is a lot to keep track of on a regular basis; at least, if you want to do things well. From my 15 years of executive experience, I knew firsthand how annoying it was to be forced to juggle different software tools to track vital information about how my business was operating.

We began by providing management with a single product that could handle all tasks while adapting specifically to the way you do business. We surpassed other ERP software by getting into the mind of managers (like myself!) and making software a solution, not another problem to figure out! From the first day of business, we have provided our software solutions on software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, so any business can access our powerful tools with only a web browser. The more mobile the business world has become, the more important this choice has been in helping us meet the growing needs of the customers we work with.

The kicker, of course, was finding a way to offer feature-rich software that companies could afford, especially in challenging economic times. We have found a number of ways to do this, standing behind the promise that you will love what you experience. We don’t tie our clients to long-term contracts; you pay as long as you’re happy with the service you’re receive from us. We are confident you will be. We are confident you will be.

Whether you need management tools from simple to complex, we committed ourselves to ensuring that AnaTango® has the solution for you. We meet with you, we listen to you, we learn how you like to do business, and we set you up with what you need.

To us, culture is not another buzzword. Rather, it is the driving force behind AnaTango® and the comprehensive products and services we offer businesses every day. We do business differently so you can do business better.

AnaTango® was founded by a team of friends; in this spirit, we invite you to become involved in what we do. I hope you’ll take time to learn more about AnaTango®’s many products and services so we can help you maximize your business and write your own success story.


Michael S. Saddik

CEO, AnaTango