Apple takes big (peta) bytes into cloud storage

April 8, 2011

Apple orders 12 petabytes of storage for iTunes video content – report
By Katie Marsal via

Apple has reportedly ordered as much as 12 petabytes, or 12,000 terabytes, of additional storage for hosting video content on its iTunes Store.

Apple placed the order with Isilon Systems for videos on iTunes, according to The information was attributed to an “inside source” at EMC, which announced its intention to acquire Isilon for $2.25 billion in late 2010.

Headquartered in Seattle, Wash., Isilon designs and sells clustered storage systems and software for digital content. It was founded in 2001.

In acquiring Isilon, EMC said it would use the storage infrastructure technology to help support cloud computing services. Apple has been long rumored to be working on its own “digital locker” service for cloud-based storage of media and content, allowing users to stream music and download images from a centralized server. However, Wednesday’s report made no mention of the 12 petabytes being used for cloud services.

Apple’s deal with Isilon was said to “probably” make the iPhone maker the largest customer of the storage provider. Other clients of Isilon include, Clear Channel, MySpace, NBC Universal, Sony, World Wrestling Entertainment, XM Satellite Radio.

Isilon is also reportedly set to introduce a new line of hardware and software on April 11. It will be powered by the Isilon OneFS 6.5 operating system.

Apple’s iTunes is the largest digital music and movie store in the world. A recent study found that the iTunes Movie Store controlled the lion’s share of the “Internet Video on Demand” market in 2010, representing a 64.5 percent share of all sales.