ERP and AMI battle for tomorrow’s business

November 15, 2010


A battle of business acronyms is creating some thunder in the cloud computing software world.

An upstart new business management platform known as Adaptive Management Infrastructure (AMI) is targeting the old Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) crowd.

According to the website of the same name, here’s what the AMI folks are saying about their product.

“Adaptive Management Infrastructure (AMI) departs from the traditionally rigid model where ERP systems segregate Financials, HR, CRM, Decision Support, Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehouse Management. Instead, AMI takes a functionality-based approach where a specific business function is not restrained by a software-imposed “box”.

All of AMI’s components are designed to integrate with one another, allowing maximum flexibility and organizational visibility with shorter implementation cycles and lower costs.

AMI empowers non-technical system users with the tools they need to shape the platform around their needs – without excessive programming knowledge or expense.”

AnaTango, LLC is now using AMI as part of its latest software release “Anavoy” which debuted at the European Technology Roundtable Exhibition in Cannes, France in October 2010.