Apple makes iTunes “Come Together”

November 16, 2010

Apple’s big ‘announcement’ teased on their homepage was revealed to be – all about The Beatles.

On face value gaining the rights to a library of incredible music of an equally incredible band would be an accomplishment for any music label or music service website.  But this is Apple we’re talking about here and the news comes as somewhat, underwhelming.

Why folks would want to pay more money to get digital versions of songs at a lesser quality than their Beatles’ CD collection is a worthwhile debate for audiophiles.

Apple promises some special features to be embedded within the download sets, which will surely lure some die hard fans to drain their iTunes accounts to see what the digital format LP booklets look like.

The ability to stream this music entirely over the internet via Apple’s recent Lala acquisition would be entirely more exciting for the majority of current iTunes users.  That might be something to get all online music lovers to “Come Together” around.

Why is this technology so cool?  Imagine being able to access your playlists anywhere, anytime.  You could access your songs and playlists on your mobile phone, car, a friend’s house, home theater or at the gym.  Its a limitless music solution provided you have some access to WiFi.

This philosophy is shared to an extent by AnaTango, where the availability of software/programs/data is immediately accessible (via Anavoy, Anavation) from any computer or mobile device at anywhere anytime – via ‘cloud computing.’  For some reason however, ‘cloud computing’ never seems to have been extended to the online music world – possibly for copyright/download restriction reasons.

Indeed with Apple’s recent build out of a massive data/streaming server center in North Carolina and recent acquisitions, the company is well leveraged to the world of internet music streaming.  We just wish it was happening sooner than later.